Site Stats
 Active Users: 114
 Active Sites: 40
 Minimum Payout: $2.00
 Total Paid: $211

Cashout Status
 DingoBux 01.11.2008
 Max-Ptc 01.11.2008
 Clean Invest 01.11.2008
 Vlinx 31.10.2008
 Clean Invest 31.10.2008
 Sandraclicks 31.10.2008
 OccupEx 30.10.2008
 OccupEx 30.10.2008
 BuxOut.com 30.10.2008
 SmithBuX 29.10.2008
 247BUX 29.10.2008
 Neobux 29.10.2008
Payment Distributed
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Welcome To RefBackSystem

RefBackSystem is a new innovative, international PTC Monitor and a dedicated system.
It is the professional way to be paid by ref-back offers.

You get paid to click on ads like PTC sites which you join under us. We guarantees you to earn money with PTC sites whether you can't reach the minimum payout, even you have 10 click!

Members will be paid when their RBS account balance would be over $1 to their Alertpay account within 2 days.

Earning Example
» You joined any bux site offers 1cent per referral click.
» You clicked 100 ads = $1
» We offers %70 of your earnings
» You earned 70c extra from Us
» You totally earn $1.7 per 100 clicks

Aim of RefBackSystem
The aim of RBS is to make You earning through the listed PTCs without having to wait too long for your payment. We act as a team and You get paid back as part of the team.
With your help, we can find out who is paying and who is not in a very short timeframe; this will save to all of us a lot of time and sometime also a lot of money!

It is easy. Just join the PTC sites like before and maximize your earnings!

How do i register on refbacksystem
  • To register on RBS you need to first register on forum.
  • Your member stats will be created within 24 hours by the admin .
  • By the time you can join some PTCs and use them.

     Latest News

News Title Announced On
Members who join RBS before 20 nov will get 90% of their refbacks, so hurry up. 18 Nov 2008
RefbackSystem is open to members
25 Oct 2008






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